Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lotus flower, Awakening Lotus Flower Amazonite Necklace



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This beadsgraceful beadsAmazonite beadsnecklace beadsfeatures beadsan beadsopening beadslotus beadssilver beadscutout beadsflower beadspendant. beadsThe beadslotus beadsflower beadshas beadshad beadsdifferent beadsmeanings beadsthroughout beadsvarious beadscultures. beadsIn beadsBuddhism, beadsthe beadsbud beadsof beadsthe beadslotus beadssymbolizes beadspotential. beadsDespite beadsbeing beadsborn beadsinto beadsdark, beadsmurky beadsconditions beadsthe beadslotus beadsgrows beadsand beadsrises beadsabove beadsadversity. beadsThe beadslotus beadsflower beadsrepresents beadsan beadsawakening, beadsspiritual beadsgrowth, beadsand beadsenlightenment. beadsAmazonite beadsis beadsa beadssoothing beadsstone beadsbelieved beadsto beadscalm beadsthe beadsbrain beadsand beadsnervous beadssystem. beadsDespite beadsits beadscalming beadsproperties beadsand beadsappearance, beadsAmazonite beadsis beadsbelieved beadsto beadshave beadsadorned beadsthe beadsshields beadsof beadsthe beadssemi-mythical beadsAmazonians, beadsa beadsformidable beadstribe beadsof beadsfemale beadswarriors beadsthought beadsto beadslive beadsin beadsthe beads10th beadscentury beadsB.C. beadsThey beadsalso beadsused beadsAmazonite beadsmedicinally beadsto beadsheal beadswounds beadsand beadsillnesses beadsof beadsall beadskinds. beadsThe beadsconquistadors beadsprized beadsit beadsfor beadsadornment beadsand beadsits beadsability beadsto beadsbe beadscarved beadsinto beadscult beadsobjects. beadsAmazonite beadswas beadsalso beadsworn beadsas beadsjewelry beadsin beadspre-Columbian beadsSouth beadsand beadsCentral beadsAmerica. beadsIt beadsis beadsnamed beadsfor beadsthe beadsAmazon beadsRiver beadsin beadsBrazil beadsand beadsthe beadslush beadsjungle beadsregion beadssurrounding beadsit beadswhere beadsthe beadsoriginal beadsstones beadswere beadsdiscovered. beadsThe beadspendant beadsis beads.925 beadssilver. beadsNecklace beadsmeasures beads18.75 beadsin beadslength." beadsThe beadsbeads beadsare beads6-8 beadsmm. beadsLobster beadsclaw beadsclosure beadsfor beadsease beadsof beadsuse.

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