Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ejl, Artisan Designer Marble AGATE STERLING SILVER Necklace- Striated Stones- Crystal Bicone Spacers - Artisan Design acers-



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ARTISAN multi coloredFINE multi coloredDESIGNER multi coloredONE multi coloredOF multi coloredA multi coloredKIND multi coloredARTISAN multi coloredAGATE multi coloredNECKLACEGODDESSANDCO multi coloredis multi coloredpleased multi coloredto multi coloredoffer multi coloredfor multi coloredsale, multi coloredthis multi coloredgorgeous multi coloredmarble multi coloredAgate multi colorednecklace multi coloredEach multi coloredagate multi coloredis multi coloredunique multi coloredin multi coloredcolor multi coloredranging multi coloredfrom multi coloredblack multi coloredand multi coloredgray multi coloredto multi coloredneon multi coloredblue. multi coloredAgate multi coloredare multi coloredflattened multi coloredon multi coloredthe multi coloredsides multi coloredcreating multi coloreda multi coloredsubtle multi coloredtexture multi coloredall multi coloredaround. multi coloredSpacers multi coloredare multi coloredblack multi coloredonyx multi coloredand multi coloredcrystal.An multi coloredexclusive multi coloredunique multi coloredcreation multi coloredby multi coloredBKF multi coloredEnterprises multi coloredfor multi coloredGoddessandco. multi coloredFully multi coloredhallmarked, multi coloredsigned, multi coloredstamped multi coloredand multi coloredtaggedMEASUREMENT: multi colored20 multi coloredinches multi coloredlongSIZE: multi coloredAgate multi coloredbeads multi coloredare multi colored15mm multi coloredin multi coloreddiameter

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