Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Cuff buttons 925 slate with pyrite



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* men's jewelry* men's jewelryCuff men's jewelryButtons men's jewelry* men's jewelry*Material: men's jewelrySilver men's jewelry925Restocking: men's jewelryBlack men's jewelryslate men's jewelrywith men's jewelrygolden men's jewelryPyriteinschl\u00fcssenSize: men's jewelrySquare men's jewelry13 men's jewelryx men's jewelry13 men's jewelrymmThe men's jewelrycufflinks men's jewelryare men's jewelryhandmade men's jewelryindividual men's jewelrypieces, men's jewelryeach men's jewelryslate men's jewelryplate men's jewelryis men's jewelrydifferent men's jewelrydue men's jewelryto men's jewelrythe men's jewelrynaturally men's jewelrypredetermined men's jewelryslate men's jewelrysurface men's jewelryand men's jewelryits men's jewelryinclusions.

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