Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Nurturing Sesame Jasper Om Necklace



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This beadsRed beadsSesame beadsjasper beadsnecklace beadsis beadsaccented beadswith beadsa beadsbrass beadsplated beadspewter beadsOm beadscharm. beadsSesame beadsjasper beadsis beadsa beadsnurturing beadsstone. beadsIt beadsis beadsbelieved beadsto beadssustain beadsand beadssupport beadsus beadsduring beadstimes beadsof beadsstress, beadsand beadsbrings beadstranquility beadsand beadswholeness. beadsThe beadsname beadsJasper beadsis beadsderived beadsfrom beadsthe beadsGreek beadsword beadsIaspis, beadsmeaning beads\u201cspotted beadsstone.\u201dThe beadsOm beadsis beadsa beadsSanskrit beadssymbol beadswhich beadsis beadsnot beadseasily beadsdefined. beadsMost beadssimply beadssaid, beadsit beadsrepresents beadsthe beadsunion beadsof beadsmind, beadsbody beadsand beadsspirit.It beadsalso beadsfeatures beadstwo beadsbrass beadsspacers beadsand beadsan beadsantiqued beadsbrass beadslobster beadsclaw beadsclosure.The beadsbeads beadsmeasure beads6 beadsmm beadsand beadsthe beadsnecklace beadsis beadsapproximately beads18" beadslong. beads beadsThe beadscharm beadsmeasures beads15 beadsx beads10 beadsmm.

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