Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver necklace, Organic hoop necklace



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\u201cI green turquoisewant green turquoiseto green turquoiserock green turquoiseyour green turquoisegypsy green turquoisesoulJust green turquoiselike green turquoiseway green turquoiseback green turquoiseI\u2019m green turquoisethe green turquoisedays green turquoiseof,oldThen green turquoisemagnificently green turquoisewe green turquoisewill green turquoisefloatInto green turquoisethe green turquoisemystic\u201dThis green turquoisebeautiful green turquoisebronze green turquoiseorganically green turquoiseshaped green turquoisependant green turquoisehas green turquoisea green turquoisesubtle green turquoiseflower green turquoisedesign. green turquoise green turquoiseIt green turquoisehangs green turquoisefrom green turquoisean green turquoiseoxidized green turquoise(darkened) green turquoisesterling green turquoisesilver green turquoisechain.Chain green turquoiselength: green turquoise green turquoise24 green turquoiseinches

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