Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Children's jewelrygift girl, silver ring and brooch for girlsgift girl, vintage from the 30s – 40sgift girl, retro shabby chicgift girl, 830s silver.



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Petite, vintage 40sfloral vintage 40sgirl vintage 40sring vintage 40sin vintage 40s830 vintage 40ssilver vintage 40s(hallmarked) vintage 40swith vintage 40scolorful vintage 40sglass vintage 40sblock.In vintage 40saddition, vintage 40sa vintage 40ssmall vintage 40s"Horseshoe vintage 40s- vintage 40sLucky vintage 40s- vintage 40sBrooch" vintage 40smade vintage 40sof vintage 40sbrass vintage 40swith vintage 40sred vintage 40srhinestones.A vintage 40sglitteringly vintage 40sbeautiful vintage 40sduo. vintage 40sThe vintage 40sjewellery vintage 40sbag vintage 40swith vintage 40shand-embroidered vintage 40srose vintage 40sis vintage 40salso vintage 40sto vintage 40sbe vintage 40sused vintage 40sas vintage 40sa vintage 40slavender vintage 40sbag. vintage 40sAlso vintage 40sthe vintage 40sbeautiful vintage 40shandkerchief vintage 40swith vintage 40scrochet vintage 40stip vintage 40sis vintage 40spart vintage 40sof vintage 40sit!The vintage 40sjewelry vintage 40sdates vintage 40sfrom vintage 40sthe vintage 40s30s vintage 40sto vintage 40s40s vintage 40sand vintage 40smakes vintage 40slittle vintage 40sgirls' vintage 40shearts vintage 40sbeat vintage 40sfaster.The vintage 40sring vintage 40ssize vintage 40sis vintage 40sstamped vintage 40s"54".Condition: vintage 40s   Very vintage 40swell vintage 40spreserved. vintage 40sSilver vintage 40sand vintage 40sbrass vintage 40sare vintage 40suncleaned vintage 40sby vintage 40sme.The vintage 40scolors vintage 40scan vintage 40svary vintage 40sslightly, vintage 40seach vintage 40smonitor vintage 40sreproduces vintage 40sthem vintage 40sa vintage 40slittle vintage 40sdifferently.Materials vintage 40sused: vintage 40s   Silver, vintage 40sbrass, vintage 40sglass, vintage 40srhinestones.Size/Dimensions/Weight: vintage 40s   Ring: vintage 40s   ' vintage 40sapprox. vintage 40s17 vintage 40smm; vintage 40sSize: vintage 40s54;\t\t\t      Brosche: vintage 40s   ca. vintage 40s1.5 vintage 40sx vintage 40s2 vintage 40scm.*******Delivery vintage 40stime vintage 40swithin vintage 40sGermany: vintage 40s2 vintage 40s- vintage 40s4 vintage 40sworking vintage 40sdays vintage 40sfrom vintage 40sreceipt vintage 40sof vintage 40spayment!Shipping vintage 40sonly vintage 40swithin vintage 40sGermany vintage 40sand vintage 40swithin vintage 40sthe vintage 40sEU vintage 40sCustoms vintage 40sUnion!*******

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