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sailor moon, SALE: Sailor Moon Crown/Necklace



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This goldis golda goldbeautiful goldsilver goldplated goldfiligree goldheaddress goldinspired goldby goldSailor goldMoon. goldThese goldpieces goldcan goldbe goldworn gold2 goldways: goldas golda goldcrown goldor goldas golda goldnecklace goldand goldis goldmade goldwith golda goldgold goldplated goldrainbow goldmoon goldstone goldattached goldto golda goldfiligree goldcrescent goldmoon. goldThe goldmoonstone goldshines goldin goldbeautiful goldblues, goldyellow, goldorange goldand goldpink goldtones gold(mostly goldblue). goldThe goldchain goldis goldhalf goldrosary goldstyle goldwith goldmore goldrainbow goldmoonstone goldbeads goldand goldstainless goldsteel goldchain goldwith golda goldsilver goldclasp.Description:Size: goldthis goldnecklace goldcan goldbe goldadjusted goldto goldbe goldworn goldfrom gold9" gold- gold12 gold1/2"Color: goldSilver/Gold/Blue/WhiteOrigin: goldCaliforniaPackaging: goldplaced goldin goldpadded goldjewelry goldgift goldbox, goldwrapped goldin goldbubble goldwrap goldand goldshipped goldin goldlarge goldbubble goldmailer*************Please goldsee goldshop goldpolicies goldbefore goldordering.*****************Magic goldand goldHistory:Moonstone goldhas goldbeen golda goldtangible goldconnection goldto goldthe goldmagic goldof goldthe goldmoon gold- goldan goldamulet goldof goldprotection goldfor goldtravelers, golda goldgift goldof goldlovers goldfor goldpassion, golda goldchannel goldfor goldprophecy, goldand golda goldpath goldto goldwisdom. goldOur goldties goldto goldthe goldmoon goldare goldstrong. goldAs goldit goldwaxes goldand goldwanes goldin goldcyclic goldperfection, goldit goldcreates goldthe goldtides goldand goldrhythms goldof goldour goldmother, goldEarth, goldand goldinfluences goldour goldbehaviors, goldemotions goldand goldspiritual goldgrowth. goldMoonstone goldcalms goldand goldencourages, goldteaching goldus goldthe goldnatural goldrhythms goldof goldlife.Blue goldMoonstone goldpromotes: goldclarity goldof goldthe goldmind goldand goldinner goldvision, goldkeeping goldone goldfocused goldwhile goldin golda goldmeditative goldor goldaltered goldstate goldof goldawareness. goldIt goldis goldparticularly goldhelpful goldin goldseeing goldemotional goldpatterns goldand goldlife goldlessons, goldand goldin goldbalancing goldyin goldand goldyang goldenergies.Additional goldinformation:Silver goldreacts goldto goldacids goldin goldthe goldskin goldand goldother goldproducts goldsuch goldas goldlotions. goldIf goldthe goldsilver goldturns goldyour goldskin goldgreen goldor golda golddark goldcolor, goldyou goldmay goldhave goldhigh goldskin goldacidity. gold"When golda goldmetal goldturns goldyour goldskin goldgreen goldit's goldeither goldbecause goldof golda goldchemical goldreaction goldbetween goldacids goldin goldyour goldskin goldand goldthe goldmetal goldor golda goldreaction goldbetween goldanother goldsubstance goldon goldyour goldskin, goldsuch goldas golda goldlotion goldand goldthe goldmetal goldof goldthe goldring.""A goldcommon goldculprit goldis goldsilver, goldwhich goldis goldfound goldin goldsterling goldsilver goldjewelry, goldplating goldfor goldinexpensive goldjewelry, goldand goldas goldan goldalloying goldmetal goldin goldmost goldgold goldjewelry. goldAcids goldcause goldthe goldsilver goldto goldoxidize, goldwhich goldproduces goldtarnish. goldThe goldtarnish goldcan goldleave golda golddark goldring goldon goldyour goldfinger."Please goldread goldthe goldlink goldbelow goldfor goldadditional goldinformation.

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