Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, 2 Czech Faceted Baguette Pendants 30x10mm Jet copper speckle/ Top drilled hole



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2 czechCzech czechFaceted czechBaguette czechPendants czech30x10mm czechJet czechcopper czechspeckle/ czechTop czechdrilled czechholeOffered czechfor czechsale czechin czecha czechpack czechof czech2 czechpendants czechthese czechstunning czechand czechrare czechpendant czechare czechmade czechby czechA czechto czechZ czechBohemian czechGlass czechco,They czechare czechbeautiful czechclassic czechand czechperfect czechfor czechany czechoccasion.Please czechvisit czechmy czechEtsy czechshop czechwhere czechI czechhave czecha czechlarge czechvariety czechof czechcraft czechitems czechand czechcostume czechjewellerywww./uk/your/shops/Prettyvintagebeads/tools/Prettyvintagebeads

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