Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

carnival, P-77 Vinitage New Orleans Mardi Gras plastic carnival beads from the 70's - 48 inches LONG!



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These carnivalwere carnivalcaught carnival(by carnivalme) carnivalat carnivala carnivalNew carnivalOrleans carnivalMardi carnivalGras carnivalparade carnivalin carnivalthe carnival1970's. carnival carnivalListing carnivalis carnivalfor carnivalfour carnival carnivalnecklaces. carnival carnivalThese carnivalare carnivaleach carnival45 carnivalinches carnivalLONG carnivalNice carnivalmix carnivalof carnivalwarm carnivalcolors: carnivalorange, carnivalpink, carnivaltan carnivaland carnivalchocolate.They carnivallook carnivalvery carnivalnice carnivalworn carnivaltogetherYou carnivaldon't carnivalsee carnivalthese carnivalolder carnival carnivallong carnivalones carnivalvery carnivaloften. carnivalQuestions carnivalwelcome.I carnivalship carnivalto carnivalUSA carnivalonlyI carnivalhave carnivala carnivalcat--he carnivaldoesn't carnivalsmoke! carnival carnival:)

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